Thank you for visiting SEMI TOKEN homepage.

SEMI TOKEN is a coin that was developed for

the purpose of commercialization of reality, 

and many developers are constantly working on it.

The purpose of the issue of SEMI TOKEN is as follows.

SEMI TOKEN is a project coin created for the purpose of simple and clear practical use,

 not a coin for speculative trading of cryptocurrency, unrealistic usage guidance, 

and complicated and colorful explanation.


Currently, the white papers of most coins traded on the market today 

are complicated and the describes the project fancy,

 and only a non-promising plan is signed.

The world's largest engineers and researchers 

say it's being "upgraded" by constant effort. 

Even after several years, it still gives investors only hope for speculative purposes.

Unlike such coins, SEMI TOKEN aims to take a more realistic approach.

1. Loan limit increase

SEMI Coins can receive premium based on SEMI credit rating

other than individual credit rating when proceeding with loans.

Example-) Based on credit rating - 20,000 USD in loan limit

---> 80,000 USD max. (SEMI credit rating limit + 25% to 300%)

SEMI Token Company will provide individual credit rating system.

The measure of the maximun amount of credit held

and the duration of the retention period will be available.

Existing -> Credit rating + workplace + salary level + working period +

documents + employment confirmation etc.

Credit rating + SEMI credit rating = limit applied.

2. Simplify loan progress

Existing loan progress proceeds with credit inquiry and is granted a possible loan limit.

However, in most cases, loans are only available for

less than the loan limit granted.

In the case of existing loans, the first measurement of the evaluation 

limit is carried out based on creditworthiness,

and loan managers are encouraged to undergo loan screening based on the maximum limit.

Usually, in the course of this review, the limit is decided.

In the review process, referring to the job, annual salary, and working period, etc., 

if you own your home, you will be divided into self-classification, rent, and monthly rent. 

In addition, the relevant borrower will measure the amount of the fixed 

amount as to whether it is possible to continue paying the fixed amount.

In addition, you should additionally check a first draft, health insurance eligibility 

confirmation certificate, whether or not to join the four major insurance 

policies,active duty served, active 

duty unserved, married, unmarried, etc., 

and submit additional documents regarding the matter.

There are some employee who can afford to borrow money.

There are also people who have been going on for a long 

time but are rejected and not approved for loans.


The reason why SEMI Token was published

 is to simplify the complex process, to accurately

and to add to the individual's additional 

ability to repay debt so that a guaranteed 

minimum amount of money can be lent.


SEMI TOKEN grants Tokens' individual credit ratings.

The first token issuance standard itself is a token for the working class,

which grants credit ratings based on holding period rather than premium based on holding amount.

The credit rating of the non-holdings begins with Grade 9.

Credit rating is granted according to the retention period and the amount of holding quantity.


100,000 tokens holding 60 days = Credit rating up to 2nd grade = 7th grade

10,000,000 tokens holding 60 days = Credit rating up 4 = 5th grade

As an example above, holding 10 times the actual amount of the

product has a premium effect of 2 times the grade upward.

Grade 9 to Grade 8 - 30 Days

Grade 8 to Grade 7 - 60 Days

Grade 7 to Grade 6 - 90 Days

Grade 6 to Grade 5 - 120 Days

Grade 5 to Grade 4 - 150 Days

Grade 4 to Grade 3 - 120 Days

Grade 3 to Grade 2 - 240 Days

Grade 2 to Grade 1 - 360 Days

It is a credit rating system for the average amount

of possession and may shorten the period depending on the amount of possession.

The additional loan amount will be paid differently based on the total appraised 

value of the loan applicant according to the credit rating.

(Additional loans are available from credit grade 6 only.)

*Additional loan amount*

Grade 1 -> 150% of the loanable amount 

Grade 2 -> 120% of the loanable amount  

Grade 3 -> 100% of the loanable amount  

Grade 4 -> 90% the loanable amount 

Grade 5 -> 70% of the loanable amount 

Grade 6 -> 50% of the loanable amount 

3. Convenience

SEMI TOKEN provides convenience to its holders.

The SEMI corporation guarantees the amount of the loan according

to the credit rating of the holders, and based on this, it can easily proceed with the loan.

In addition, the convenience is added because the loan companies that match 

the respective grades and required amounts are also known and searched.


It will not be limited to Korea, but will also make inroads overseas markets.

It is planning to invest in overseas subsidiaries, which is expected 

to increase the amount of guaranteed amount.

Of course, foreign countries also have credit ratings set through 

SEMI's own system and can set loan limits just like Koreans.

This process makes SEMI corporations stronger and is expected to benefit holders as well.

5. Risk_?

SEMI TOKEN applies additional limits differently in accordance with the

SEMI credit rating criteria, which can be guaranteed.

On the lender's own basis, if a borrower with a maximum amount of 30,000USD lent an

(This amount may be flexible because it reflects the market price at that time.) 

additional 15,000USD through the SEMI credit rating, 

the SEMI corporation will guarantee the additional amount of 15,000USD.

Therefore, there is no risk of loss other than the amount of the existing loan on the basis of the lender.

Details are as follows.


SEMI Corporation uses the sold tokens for guarantee funds

 for additional loans by SEMI credit holders.

Loan companies receive SEMI Token guarantees and make additional loans,

and buyers can make additional loans only through SEMI credit ratings 

without collateral based on the holding date after purchasing tokens.

As such, SEMI - token holder - lender - SEMI co-exist, 

there is no real risk and it is a win-win relationship.

6. Benefits

There are additional benefits for long-term holders.

An additional percentage of the holding date is paid every 100 days. 

10% additional application when holding for 100 days

-> 110 days cumulative

15% additional application when holding for 200 days

-> 230 days cumulative

20% additional application when holding for 300 days 

-> 360 days cumulative (Max)

It is expected to contribute to the long-term benefits of holding

companies as well as SEMI TOKEN price defense.